Branch News

Here is the latest news about pubs & breweries in the branch area.

  • Dates for MBCF 2019 Thursday 15 November 2018

    We can confirm that the 2019 Maidenhead Beer & Cider Festival will be at Desborough College on the 25th to 27th July. Put the date in your diaries. Bookmark our festival website for further info, nearer the date.

  • Swan, Clewer Update Thursday 15 November 2018

    The fundraising for The Swan carries on at pace & there are 2 'Hot Off The Press' points.

    Firstly, The Swan website has been updated in order to :-

    • enable more user-friendly viewing on mobile phones & tablets - via the introduction of a drop-down menu & larger type.

    • now include an invite to join The Swan mailing list & hence to keep up-to- date with what is going on with Saving Our Swan.

    Secondly, The Swan PR & Fundraising Committee will be at the Knight Club at The Windsor & Eton Brewery next week on Tuesday November 20th & Wednesday November 21st between the hours of 7pm & 9pm .

    We are aware that a number of SWM Camra members are also members of the Knight Club & that they may welcome the opportunity to discuss the initiative to Save the Swan with members of the committee over a pint of WEBrew !

    As we know you are aware , there has been excellent support from the community to date , raising over £142,000 - but there is still the need to secure the balance of the £200,000 investment identified to support the first phase of the renovations & refurbishment and make the re-opening of The Swan a reality .

  • More Fantastic News for the Swan Saturday 3 November 2018

    Fantastic news: we’ve past the half waypoint! In the last couple of days we have crashed through the £100,000 mark! This is a major milestone for us and shows the commitment of the community to Saving Our Swan. At the time of writing, we actually have £120,000 in the bank. And we are continuing to receive new investments every day.

    To all those that have invested so far, a huge thanks from Willie Calvert, Richard Allen and the team. Your contribution to making this dream come true is really appreciated. The story doesn’t end there though.

    Pledgers - any lingering doubts? We are really close to reaching our next milestone - the Spring pledge total of £140k. Some of our Spring pledgers have yet to invest. We fully understand that time has moved on and circumstances change. However, we do hope that you will still be able to invest in the coming weeks. Details are below and on the website. Are there other ways I can help? Your help would really be appreciated. There are three ways you can do this: • Firstly, and right now, we would ask if could evangelise our story about The Swan and what we are striving to achieve. Tell friends! Tell colleagues! Tell neighbours! Tell your relatives! • Persuade your local shop or business to take some leaflets for their employees and customers. We can arrange to get some leaflets to you. • Lastly (for now!), have a wee think about volunteering in the future. What skills or time can you bring to help with the renovations? Who do you know who could help?

    The next meeting is already planned – Tuesday 6th November at 7pm The main investors – Willie Calvert and Richard Allen – will be at The Green Room School (SL4 5BU) discussing their vision of The Swan as a local pub and a community hub. They will also be taking questions from the floor. The Windsor & Eton Express has run a quick update on our activities to Save Our Swan. They are great supporters of our cause and eager to keep the community updated. You can pick it up at local shops and newsagents. See pages 10 and 13 this week.

    Where to find updates Website:; Facebook: The Swan – Clewer Village; Twitter: @SaveSwan.

    Any doubts, questions, requests for information, etc. should be emailed to ku.oc.rosdniwnawseht@ofni

  • North Star Money Returned Thursday 18 October 2018

    It is with regret I have to report that as the money could not be raised to make an offer to buy the North Star the cheques have been returned.

  • Fantastic news - Swan, Clewer Tuesday 9 October 2018

    The Triodos Bank has offered a mortgage to purchase the freehold of the Swan in Clewer.

    Whereas High Street banks, including their own bankers, were all reluctant to loan to a community organisation, Triodos has said “Yes”. They believe in sustainable banking - supporting projects that benefit people and the planet, and building a more sustainable society. Their website outlines their values – which are aligned with ours in how we’ll run the Swan. They are a very cool bank.

    However, despite our mortgage, our finances are tight. To meet the price the principal drivers have increased their funding commitment, supplemented by the mortgage and your pledged contributions. That still leaves us tight on money to start refurbishment so we can open.

    Richard Douglas is overseeing the raising of funds. If you’d like to call him before making your commitment, contact him at ku.oc.rosdniwnawseht@salguod.drahciR. Check out the website: As a reminder the basic terms are:

    Share contributions: For each £1,000 contributed you’ll be allocated 1 “B” share in Swan Clewer CIC. In due course you’ll receive a share certificate which will entitle you to dividends as and when they are payable. Although we expect that you can claim Social Investment Tax Relief at 30% on this, we are still awaiting confirmation from HMRC.

    Loans: Any amount below £1,000 will be treated as a loan which we’ll repay at twice that value in goods and services from the Swan once we start trading and can afford to do so.

    If for any reason the purchase of the Swan doesn’t go ahead for any reason then your payment would be repaid to you by bank transfer to the same account, unless you agree otherwise with Richard Douglas.

  • Agreement Reached on Pubs Code Confidentiality Tuesday 18 September 2018

    Arbitration transparency: The pubs code adjudicator (PCA) and the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) have made an agreement on pubs code details. The BBPA have outlined a framework under which Pubcos would agree to waive confidentiality. It listed measures the BBPA and the six big pubcos - Admiral Taverns, Ei Group, Greene King, Marston's Punch & Star Pubs & Bars - wanted to see in place before agreeing to make arbitration decisions public.

    The PCA said it would publish the measures later in the Autumn. This will help to increase tied tenants understanding of what to expect when exercising their code rights. The PCA stated "We are satisfied that the approach delivers the level of transparency that all parties have been seeking, while respecting personal & commercial sensitive information."

  • Have your say and choose your Champion Beer of Britain. Monday 3 September 2018

    All CAMRA members have the chance to nominate beers from their local area via the CBoB voting website. This means that beers from all parts of the country have an equal chance to be nominated. The voting period opened on 1st September, and SWM would like as many members as possible submitting their votes for their favourite local beers. You can nominate up to five beers in each of the eleven categories to be put forward for the CBoB competition, but if you only want to nominate beers in one category, or even just one beer, that’s fine. The more votes we get, the better the results will be. You do not have to nominate all the beers in one go. You can alter your selections anytime up to the deadline at midnight on 1st November.

    Not all beers are eligible for CBoB; mainstream beer styles like Bitters, Best Bitters, Strong Bitters & Golden Ales have to be available for at least 7 months of the year. Other beer styles have to be available for a lesser period depending on the rarity and seasonality of the beer style. CAMRA is currently carrying out a complete root and branch revision of our beer styles, but the current styles will be used this and next year.

    Initial nominations for CBoB are made at a local level so only beers that are produced in the area near you (based on your registered address) will be available for nomination. We realise that some of you will drink beers from a wider area, but many members also tend to only drink more local beers. This will be the last year using this system; next year members will be able to vote for a wider selection of beers if they so choose.

    How to Vote. Any CAMRA member can login into the CBoB website using their member login details. Having logged in you will be able to access information about the nomination schedule. Make sure your branch hears your voice on this. The CBoB voting system gives every CAMRA member the opportunity to have a say in who wins and becomes CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain, don’t moan about which beers get judged at GBBF, get involved and vote for your favourites. Spread the word once you've voted #votecbob.

    If you have any technical problems entering your selection, or with the website, please contact ku.gro.gnitovbobc@troppus for help. For any general non-technical issues please contact ku.gro.armac@gnitekram.

    This year the nomination period runs from Saturday, 1st September 2018 to midnight on Thursday, 1st November 2018.