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Here is the latest news about pubs & breweries in the branch area.

  • Agreement Reached on Pubs Code Confidentiality Tuesday 18 September 2018

    Arbitration transparency: The pubs code adjudicator (PCA) and the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) have made an agreement on pubs code details. The BBPA have outlined a framework under which Pubcos would agree to waive confidentiality. It listed measures the BBPA and the six big pubcos - Admiral Taverns, Ei Group, Greene King, Marston's Punch & Star Pubs & Bars - wanted to see in place before agreeing to make arbitration decisions public.

    The PCA said it would publish the measures later in the Autumn. This will help to increase tied tenants understanding of what to expect when exercising their code rights. The PCA stated "We are satisfied that the approach delivers the level of transparency that all parties have been seeking, while respecting personal & commercial sensitive information."

  • Have your say and choose your Champion Beer of Britain. Monday 3 September 2018

    All CAMRA members have the chance to nominate beers from their local area via the CBoB voting website. This means that beers from all parts of the country have an equal chance to be nominated. The voting period opened on 1st September, and SWM would like as many members as possible submitting their votes for their favourite local beers. You can nominate up to five beers in each of the eleven categories to be put forward for the CBoB competition, but if you only want to nominate beers in one category, or even just one beer, that’s fine. The more votes we get, the better the results will be. You do not have to nominate all the beers in one go. You can alter your selections anytime up to the deadline at midnight on 1st November.

    Not all beers are eligible for CBoB; mainstream beer styles like Bitters, Best Bitters, Strong Bitters & Golden Ales have to be available for at least 7 months of the year. Other beer styles have to be available for a lesser period depending on the rarity and seasonality of the beer style. CAMRA is currently carrying out a complete root and branch revision of our beer styles, but the current styles will be used this and next year.

    Initial nominations for CBoB are made at a local level so only beers that are produced in the area near you (based on your registered address) will be available for nomination. We realise that some of you will drink beers from a wider area, but many members also tend to only drink more local beers. This will be the last year using this system; next year members will be able to vote for a wider selection of beers if they so choose.

    How to Vote. Any CAMRA member can login into the CBoB website using their member login details. Having logged in you will be able to access information about the nomination schedule. Make sure your branch hears your voice on this. The CBoB voting system gives every CAMRA member the opportunity to have a say in who wins and becomes CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain, don’t moan about which beers get judged at GBBF, get involved and vote for your favourites. Spread the word once you've voted #votecbob.

    If you have any technical problems entering your selection, or with the website, please contact ku.gro.gnitovbobc@troppus for help. For any general non-technical issues please contact ku.gro.armac@gnitekram.

    This year the nomination period runs from Saturday, 1st September 2018 to midnight on Thursday, 1st November 2018.

  • SIBA comments on moderate alcohol consumption and dementia research Tuesday 21 August 2018

    Commenting on the University College London and French institute for health, (Inserm) research on the link between moderate drinking reduced chances of dementia published today, James Calder, Head of Public Affairs at the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) said; “It is great to see a piece of research make headlines which backs up the 40 years of evidence on the positive effects of moderate alcohol consumption. Not only does moderate, sensible consumption of alcohol reduce the incidence of dementia compared to teetotallers, there is evidence it also has beneficial effects in guarding against type II diabetes, heart disease, stroke, macular degeneration and many other conditions.

    This study backs what we know, and the temperance movement refuse to accept – that the J shaped curve between alcohol consumption and life expectancy is real.

    The social effect and positive benefits to mental health of having a beer with your friends and family in the pub also cannot be overlooked. That’s why SIBA and brewers across the country are backing the Long Live the Local campaign which aims to cut beer tax and protect that vital national institution – the UK pub.

  • SIBA Launches The Assured Independent British Craft Brewer' Campaign Tuesday 21 August 2018


    The 'Assured Independent British Craft Brewer' campaign is run by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), who ensure that any beers which carry the Independent Craft Brewer logo are relatively small, independent and brewing quality beer.

    The logo is being used on pumpclips, beer bottles, can labels, and at many beer festivals across the UK, and you can be sure that wherever it appears the beer will have been made by a truly independent craft brewery. An example below:


    There has never been a better time to be a beer drinker in the UK, with more fantastic tasting beer styles being brewed than ever before by a growing number of talented, innovative brewers. However this growth in the independent beer market has not gone unnoticed by the global beer brands, who have begun to buyout previously independent craft breweries, or release their own products marketed as craft.

    It's because of this that SIBA launched the 'Assured Independent British Craft Brewer' campaign, to make it easier for beer drinkers to identify beers from truly independent craft brewers.


    The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) was established in 1980 to represent the interests of the growing number of independent breweries in Britain, a growth which has continued to this day, with the not-for-profit trade association now representing over 870 independent craft breweries across the UK.

  • CAMRA Announces CBOB Winners for 2018 Monday 13 August 2018

    Champion Beer of Britain 2018

    CAMRA is proud to announce the winners of the Campaign for Real Ale's prestigious Champion Beer of Britain competition, were awarded at the Great British Beer Festival. Be sure to look out for these award winning beers in your local or on your travels,

    Supreme Champion Gold - Broken Dream Breakfast Stout, Siren

    Supreme Champion Silver - Ripper, Green Jack.

    Supreme Champion Bronze - Workie Ticket, Mordue.

    Mild - Gold, XX Mild, Greene King; Silver, Dark, Rhymney; Bronze, Orchid, East London Brewing Company.

    Bitter - Gold, Red MacGregor, Orkney; Silver, Captain Bob, Mighty Oak; Joint Bronze, Flat Cap, Bank Top & Barnsley Bitter, Acorn.

    Best Bitter - Gold, Workie Ticket, Mordue; Silver, 1555, Bishop Nick; Joint Bronze, Tribute, St Austell & Darwin's Origin, Salopian.

    Strong Bitter - Gold, Revelation, Dark Star Brewing Co.; Silver, Devon Dumpling, Bays; Bronze, Half Centurion, Kinver.

    Golden - Gold, Oracle, Salopian; Silver Hop Twister, Salopian; Joint Bronze, Moonshine, Abbeydale & Knight of the Garter, Windsor & Eton.

    Speciality - Gold, Brazilian Coffee & Vanilla Porter, Colchester; Silver, Red Rocket, Cromarty; Bronze, Cleopatra, Derventio.

    For the full results go to CBOB Winners 2018

  • North Star Community Pub Share Offer Sunday 22 July 2018

    Share Offer Summary You are invited to invest in a community enterprise, established to secure the future of our Public House, the North Star, Maidenhead.

    The North Star is a public house located on Westborough Road, just off the A4, in the residential suburb of Boyn Hill in Maidenhead, and has been listed as an Asset of Community Value. In January 2018, the owners of the pub announced their intention to sell the pub, triggering a six-month period for the community to raise the funds instead.

    We are aiming to raise £312,000 through community investment (with a maximum subscription of £350,000) to purchase the North Star, and to run it successfully. We need to achieve a minimum of £280,000 in investment to deliver our business plan with some minor revisions.

    The minimum investment is £250 per investor, with a maximum investment up to 10% of the total shares per individual investor. The offer opens on 16th July 2018 and runs for 42 days, closing on 27th August 2018, or when the maximum target is reached, whichever is sooner.

    Organisations who wish to support the North Star are welcome to invest in the same way, although the management committee has agreed to increase the maximum to £100,000 for Big Society Capital, using funds from its Crowdfunder match fund.

    The management committee reserve the right to extend the offer for a further 3 weeks beyond this initial period if they believe doing so would benefit the share issue. The Share Offer can be downloaded here North Star Community Pub Share Offer Prospectus and our business plan can be downloaded from

    This offer is being promoted by the North Star Society Ltd, 91 Westborough Road, Maidenhead, SL6 4AP a Community Benefit Society registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (Registration No. 7788) This offer is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and investors have no recourse to an ombudsman. You could lose some or all of the money you invest.

  • Windsor & Eton launch a new beer Thursday 19 July 2018


    Windsor & Eton Brewery have launched their second lager - CAPITAL - a superb 4% Dry Hopped Lager.

    CAPITAL celebrates the diversity of the capital city with three contemporary London characters featured on the lens.

    Co-Founder Will Calvert explains:

    “We chose three characters to reflect some of the talent and energy of London – busker, barber and cyclist. We’re giving landlords and bar managers the choice as to which design they want in their bar”.

    As for the beer itself, it promises to be a treat as Master Brewer and Co-Founder Paddy Johnson explains:

    “We use two newer hops in CAPITAL – Lemondrop from the US and Mandarina Bavaria from Germany. Both have great aroma and together create a zesty, refreshing lager with real character. From the secret trial brew we ran in a handful of selected pubs, we really think we’ve created a craft lager that will appeal to lovers of classic lagers as well as fans of light English craft beers”

    CAPITAL is being launched simultaneously in London and Windsor this Thursday evening, 19th July at the Windsor & Eton Brewery bar in Duke Street and the Windsor Castle pub at Regents Park.

    CAPITAL follows the success of Windsor & Eton’s REPUBLIKA, a 4.8% pilsner lager that has won 10 major national and international awards including Silvers at the 2014 Dublin Craft Beer Festival and the 2016 SIBA National Finals as well as SIBA Silver and Gold medals in bottle.

    Read Tommy Lawn's exclusive interview with Head Brewer Paddy from Windsor & Eton. Download the The Interview.

  • Windsor & Eton win SE Region awards again Monday 16 July 2018

    At the recent Society of Independent Brewers Association (SIBA) South East Region awards Windsor & Eton Brewery won Gold for their World Cup beer called Molotov Russian Blonde brewed with rum and guava.

    In addition Uprising won Silver for White Riot as a bottle conditioned cross between an IPA & wheat beer.

  • The Robin Hood, Pinkneys Green Closes Thursday 12 July 2018

    Shortly after the refurbishment of the Arbour and changing back to its proper name "The Robin Hood" the FREEHOLD of the pub is for sale.

    Download the details: Robin Hood Sale Details

  • moogBREW are MOVING! Tuesday 3 July 2018

    moogBREW are moving!

    As recent visitors are aware, we will be moving soon. We shall be remaining in the same community though and plan to continue brewing and selling beer at open days and other events - only with more space. If all goes well, we'll have moved by the end of August. Inevitably there will be a break in brewing while we seek all the necessary permissions for change of use, premises licence, etc. We estimate this will be at least 3 months, but do please check back for updates.

    Meanwhile, it's not quite business as usual, but we will have more open days this month (see below), subject to stock levels.

    Open Days & Events We will definitely be open on: • Tues 3rd July, 4.30pm - 6.30pm - FLASH OPENING, WORLD CUP SPECIAL, prior to England vs Columbia • Fri 13th July, 4pm - 7pm • Sat 14th July 1pm - 7pm We will NOT be open on Fri 27th July or Sat 28th July, as these dates clash with Maidenhead Beer & Cider Festival and we will be there in person at some point!